Photography ‘22 / ‘23
‘Somewhere in particular’ 

cut-out from asphalt road

Pedestals ‘22 / ongoing
various types of wood

Intervention ‘22
‘A destructive poem,  wrinkled by the water’
Aluminium structure, various little rocks

 Sculptural object ‘22
‘Still somewhere in between’
asphalt 100 x 25 x 65 cm

Sculpture ‘22

‘Elongated location’
mahogany, rosewood, asphalt
60 x 30 x 175cm


Side-sculpture ‘21
‘Mies’ #1 & #2

The series of small side tables ‘Mies’ get their stability from the presence of asphalt – a material appearing as pillar of urban life, almost modernity itself – although as substance mutable once peeled of Earth’s crust
pine, stonewear, asphaltasphalt
45 x 25 x 65cm

Sculpture / material research ‘20
asphalt 45 x 5 x 45cm 

Photography ‘14 – ‘Ongoing

Sculpture ‘19
‘Pyramid’ is an ode to an ancient archetype construction of civilisation 
asphalt 45 x 45 x 60cm

Intervention ‘19
Surface in Suspence 
120 x 85cm

Intervention / research ‘18
Austria | ferruginous water running down the hill into the wringing grip of a sluice edifice.
Bluish water went on, leaving contrary pigment residing.

+/- 60 x 80cm

Display shelf 
wood, sunrise orange paint

Installation ‘18

For the Essay-film screening event WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) during Todays Art @ The Grey Space in the Middle
Mesh, cotton, underfloorheating

Installation ‘18
For the event WYSYWYG .11 (What You See Is What You Get) this crunchy three-dimensional material scenario was a response to the collectiveness of a film screening
foam, plaster, cotton
500 x 300 cm

Installation ‘17

Display ‘17
Publication display ‘Spoiler’ was made for Big Papi by Gilleam Trapenberg

Stool ‘17
Being Emphasised was part of a pop-up gallery ‘Also Known As’ during the Salone del Mobile, Milan. Together with Koos Breen, Adrianus Kundert and Fabian Bredt 

Intervention ‘16
During the Salone del Mobile, this intervention was part of a total reset of a Milanese penthouse – resulting in a mulitdisciplinary view on architecture and all aspacts involved in the construction of an intimate environment

Ceramic material research ‘16

Temporarily Impressed derived during an artist in residency in Vienna
Ceramic and photographic research

Artist in residence
Publication ‘15/’16

Sold at Stroom The Hague
Small edition of 35 

Sofa ‘15/ ‘16
Stage of Transition is an exploration of abstracting archetypal furniture pieces to research them as tangible metaphors
140 x 70 x 60 cm

Wall cabinets ‘15
Stage of Tansition mesh cabinets 

Film / material research ‘15
Three films became a cinematic research into three forms of symbiosis on a bodily scale

Collages ‘14/15
printed on brushed aluminium 

Display ‘13

Considered to be Coinsidence is a series of carriers for relics of volatile places. The pedestals value the icons of a place that is breifly visited, in which the habit of collecting becomes the tagible entrance to nostalgia
Ø 18 and Ø 20

Utensils ‘13
The Hunger of Habits | A trip to the woods resulted in this series of utensils carved in fresh wood

Scenography ‘14
BACK STAGE ON STAGE was a scenography for a group exhibition, putting the process of making in the limelight
Salone del mobile, Milan

Installation ‘11
Desired Dreams was comissioned by the government of The Hague. In the atrium of the city hall the installation was an invitation for citizens to attache a wish. As a collective gesture the wishes gave embodiement to the void whitin the three triangle elements.

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