Poem of Destructive water 

    A sidepath of the research about the material presence Asphalt – a representative additional layer as a subtle escapism of the rectilinear order.

All stones small and massive, recite in their geological placements due to the impelling logic of water. May it be in liquid or frozen form it acts as a sculptor. Without trying to curry favor and external validation, it shapes the assets of the landscape. Its forceful response is solely an answer to the scheme of transport as an expression of the elements.


With the sudden arrival of intense rainfall the river Vésubie needed more room to room.

Part of the research Surface in Suspence (2017-ongoing)

Bending –
            a subtle escapism of the rectilinear order.

By overflowing its banks it forced itself into the rigid man made structures it encountered. A dialogue on a power relationship and unforeseen alterations below the surface.

y:     2022
m:    Aluminium, stones 
t:     The force of the river Vésubie (Nice, France) maneuvred the stones witin the caverns of this metal piece

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