Candy City Book 

Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna & Stroom, The Hague

Then too, however solid objects seem,
they yet are formed of matter mixed with void (...)

Lucretius | On The Nature of Things 
Translated by Alicia Stallings, 2007

2016 – This book contains a photographical representation of place and a conjunctive theoretical reflection on the state of the city. It is a documentation of the present-day Vienna and questions its fixes, fluxes and future. The texts are compilations of found writing, museum visits or generally gained knowledge during my stay in Vienna (20 October - 20 December 2015).

All writings are correlated by the common principle that reflects on the city based on ‘Liquid Modernity’ by Zigmunt Bauman. This metaphor liquid refers to the state in which reformation is a constant presence and form is not yet defined. Only the container is a fixed aspect. What has shifted and what will stay fixed.

The Artist in Residency and the publication of the booklet was made possible by Stroom, The Hague

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