Amsterdam A matter of the mind ?

       Lineair thoughts about walls are shifting

The Hague A matter of the mind ?
       Fake ropes do the job as well

The Hague Basically coincidence #3

Antwerp  – Creating concrete creatures

Antwerp  – Being voyeuristic at buildingsites
          Involving a crotch and the occupation of whatever surface that seems temporarily fit

Bruxelle  – Arte Povera at ‘Mont des Arts’

Prague  – Prague’s rich and famous live in cardboard as well...

The Hague – Hovering liquid 

Antwerp – Watching floating Icebergs melt

Inbetween fields of green

Antwerp Basically coincidence #2

         How I imagine my random flow of thoughts are all connecting out of sight

Prague  – Prague’s rich and famous live in cardboard as well...

        If I had to sell this narrow flat building: This is only the tip, you should see the basement...

LjubljanaPowell and Pressburger’s level 1

       They are building the set of ‘A matter of Life and Death’...

The HagueEscapism of a Swan
       Daydreaming about stroling through rare toxic lakes, being long legged and covered in pink...? In this light he only needed stilts.

The HagueOtherworldly Pick-up 

The HagueStuck to it 
        Made some accidantal non-specific-just-on-the-spot work 

The Hague – Humble spraypaint cabin             
        Nevertheless, these balls were placed by the laws of the universe.  

Milan Going out for some air    

Antwerp  Lungs and lights are both done with their void 

Berlin – Blowing off steam #2 

Paris –  Obviate
       Not yet decided whether a pigeon or the pigeon prevention is a hedge... 

Brussels –  Pragmatic Poetry

London – When Signs Aren’t Enouph

London – Actual Colorblock      

London – Who is the architect?
       The new kiosk is brilliant; flexible layout and natural skylights everywhere...

London – Fruitful Absence of the Mind 

London – Mindbending hangover       
        When you find yourself going to the Tate Modern (obviously touristic but anyway) for some peace and quite... 

London – Choices

Milan – Occupational Habit
       After a week Salone del Mobile

Milan – Basically Coinsidence 

Milan – Conceptual bankers
       Showing emptyness during the Salone del Mobile

London – Future Statue in Suspence

London – Conversations being enlightening 

London – Upper glass devision 

Vienna – Indestructible Priorities
        When history arrives it will be up against the wall

Vienna – Modern buildingblocks 
Amsterdam – The Fine Art of Possibilities
        Recycling my prototype sofa has been satisfying

Wales – Blowing off steam in the fields

Amsterdam – Basically coincidence #1

Kristiansand – Floating hydraulics

Amsterdam – Random Variables #1
      State of mind during winter ?

The Hague – Random Variables #3

The Hague – Forecast
      When lights are striking 

The Hague – To reach higher places ...

The Hague – Mental detour 
        Leashed divers feeling free...

London – Recurring habit of the planet 

London – Blanco planetarium 

Vienna – Time travels

Vienna – Time travels

Vienna – Time travels
        This facade almost seems to tell, by visibly underscoring the decay of time, the struggle of its inhabitants for existence

Amsterdam – Working method

The Hague – Definately approaching it hands-on

The Hague  – The process
        Trial and error are inseparable so are leftovers to a process. 

The Hague – Podologistic Conversation

Venice – Hermetic Summer Retreat

Venice Hungry Waves 

The Hague Runny matter ignoring rigid rules

London / Paris International bike repair

The Hague  – Bikes carry humans as engines 

Somewhere  Phantom Spaces 

Paris  Involving bandages

Everywhere  Concealing creatures –
       Against the sun, night, rain and air – the elements in general.

London  Adorable creatures – nothing against

London  The mind portraying it as soft