The HagueEscapism of a Swan
       Daydreaming about stroling in rare toxic lakes, being long legged and covered in pink...? In this light he only needed stilts.

Antwerp Basically coincidence #2

         How I imagine my random flow of thoughts are all connected out of sight.

        If I had to sell this narrow flat building... This is only the tip, you should see the basement.

The HagueOtherworldly Pick-up 

The HagueSticking to it
        Made some accidantal non-specific-just-on-the-spot work. Droped a piece on my way home, only to notice it when arrived. Took the same route back and there it was... Run over, but well done.

The Hague – Humble spraypaint cabin              Nevertheless, these balls were placed by the laws of the universe.  

Berlin – Blowing off steam #2 

Milan Going outside for some air    

London – Actual Colorblock      

London – Who is this architect?
       The new kiosk is brilliant. Flexible layout and natural skylights everywhere.

London – Fruitful Absence of the Mind 
London – Mindbending hangover       
        When your neighbours decide the apropriate time to start a photoshoot in the most squeekiest spot of the house, is 4 in the morning. The next morning you find yourself going to the Tate Modern (obviously touristic but anyway) for some peace and quite... I wasn’t the only one with the feeling of a mindbending hangover.

London – Choices

        Or is Mercury in retrograd?
Milan – Occupational Habit
       After a week Salone del Mobile

Milan – Basically Coinsidence 

London – Future Statue in Suspence

Vienna – Indestructible Priorities
        When history arrives it will be up against the wall

The Hague – Random Variables #3
Amsterdam – The Fine Art of Possibilities
        Recycling my sofa has been satisfying

Wales – Blowing off steam in the  fields

Amsterdam – Basically coincidence #1

Kristiansand – Random Variables #2

Amsterdam – Random Variables #1
      State of mind during winter

The Hague – Random Variables #3

The Hague – Forecast
      When lights are striking 

Vienna – Time travels

Vienna – Time travels

Vienna – Time travels
        This facade almost seems to tell, by visibly underscoring the decay of time, the struggle of its inhabitants for existence.

Amsterdam – Working method

The Hague – Definately approaching hands-on
The Hague – Podologistic Conversation

Venice – Hermetic Summer Retreat

Venice Hungry Waves 

The Hague – Rigid rules

The Hague Runny matter ignoring rigid rules
The Hague – Becoming clearer  

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