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Todays Art, The Hague 

Thoughts as stories.
Consiousness as spectacle. 
Film as portrayal of the mind.

There is another kind of film that flips the equation and points our interest in a new direction.

They aren’t just about topics, they look out into the world but also inwards, exploring how we think about what we see.

We live in a present - submerged in audiovisual sensory data that exceeds the grasp of literary conceptions.

If we are submerged
in sounds and images;
Can we somehow use them
to stay afloat?

Organised by WYSIWYG cinema (What You See Is What You Get)


Underfloor-heating sysytem, packaging materials, mesh
During Todays Art the genre Essay film was highlighted by WYSIWYG. The intervention Directing Directions occupied the waiting space before and after the movie screenings. The imposed devision between Fiction an Non-Fiction functioned as a suggestion which poses that a ‘subconcious’ choice beforehand influences the actual depiction of the movie.

Waiting – a rather non-mind-space occuping occupation.
A fertile moment of absence triggering unconsious ways of thinking

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