WYSIWYG presents: More Ways of Seeying
during Todays Art, The Hague
– as they say – a more in dept version... 

’De Stille’
Stille Veerkade 19
22 September 2018
13:00 – 23:00

Pagan Pictures / WYSIWYG will present an extra exted cinema event. More info here

What You See Is What You Get
30 June – 1 July 2018
Paviljoensgracht 20
2512 AR, The Hague

Been busy with the precise execution of felting voile, designed by textile designer Nikkie Wester

The work is on permanent display @Droog
Staalstraat 7-A
1011 JJ, Amsterdam

TRASH – A Daily changing set of unwanted material

A lecture/talk and exhibition about leftovers as a starting point – how to alter and use them.

21 - 24 November 2017
@Main Gallery of the Royal Academy of Art,
Prinsessegracht 4, The Hague

Made this car-spoiler looking display for Gilleam Trapenberg’s publication BIG PAPI

Gilleam Trapenberg – Graduation Show 2017

ALSO KNOWN AS – will show a interpretation of a domestic environment during Salone del mobile 2017. Together with Koos Breen, Fabian Bredt and Adrianus Kundert we will be at our artist run gallery and hope to see you there...

4-8 April 2017
Dutch Design Isola
Via Pastrengo 13
20159 Milan

Tested and packed, almost ready for the road-trip to Milan

28 January 2017
Prinsessegracht 4, The Hague

Catalyst of Flux on Display

Received some copies of the year publication.
Thank you for sending!

Many thanks to Stroom (The Hague) and WUK/Kunsthalle Exnergasse (Vienna)


14 May – 24 June  2016 @Stroom
Hogewal 1, The Hague

Come by our rooftop garden and RESET your view on the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

12 – 17 April, 2016
Via Ventura 15, 5th Floor
Lambrate, Milano


State of Transition shelves are going to new homes...

Commisioned by Herman Verkerk, head of the Interior Architecture and Furniture Department.

WUK/Kunsthalle Exnergasse
Währinger Straße 59, 2nd floor

If you happen to be in Vienna and wonder what I’m up to during this Artist in Residency @Kunsthalle Exnergasse... Come by the 21st of November to have a talk and walk with me and Wolfang Brunner.

Collage: Catalyst of Flux

Collage: State of Transition


Honoured and also a bit proud of winning the Paul Schuitema Award 2015 and the Honorable Mention of the Stroom Encouragement Award with my work State of Transition and Catalyst – Flux

Our Graduation Show is getting shape @Royal Academy of Art.
Come by to have a look at lots of stuff and matter!

3 - 9 July, 2015
Prinsessegracht 4
The Hague

Collecting Compilations is part of the Furniture Department exhibition
@Royal Academy of Art

31 January 2015
Prinsessegracht 4,
The Hague

To start the graduation year (2015) we went on a little trip to Venice to research – and more importantly – to launche forth our brains. 

Venice – a city of facades – made me curious towards the inhabitants and their occupation.  
During these few days I found myself in an Allan Edgar Poo like setting and a voyeur of everyday handling. Observing and shadowing dwellers made me feel part of the normal and private moments of the inhabitants.

We went on a mining-industry research adventure in Cornwall this summer!

Read more about this trip here

Material gathering for Kirstie van Noort, 2014

Pictures by Xandra van Eijk

We have been busy with the repetitive placing of aereted concrete blocks. Come by to have a look at the exhibition we designed and all the works on display!

8 - 12 April 2014
10:00 – 20:00 hour
Via Privata Oslavia 1
20134, Milano

Mentally Physical – which questions if the change in attidudes while seated can determine the shape of the chair – will be on display during the OPEN DAY @Royal Academy of Art

Saturday 26 January, 2013
@ Royal Academy of Art
Prinsessegracht 4
The Hague

We are off into the woods to learns some proper nife skills to carve fresh wood.

Results soon to be seen – Serving Memory 

All the way from Japan they sent me a copy of this magazin with a short story about Fragemtures.
Thank you

Come by our exhibition and have a look at the mythical magic of making...

Fragmentures Carpet & Necklace on display


9 - 13 April, 2013
Via Privata Oslavia 17
20134, Milan

The government of the Hague invited us to create a moment in the space of the city hall - for passersby to be able to let their desires take shape...

Atrium City Hall,
Spui 70
The Hague