Atelier – Broedplaats de DCR
de Constant Rebecqueplein 20b, The Hague NL

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague NL
Graduated in Furniture Design from the department
Interior Architecture & Furniture Design (2015)

Mondriaan Fonds – Emerging Artist ‘20 -’21
Stroom SPOT Documentation grand – in collaboration with Sepus Noordmans ‘20

Winner of the Honourable Mention Stroom Encouragement Award ‘15
Winner of the Paul Schuitema Award ‘15paul schuitema 
Nominated for Department Architecture & Furniture Design 2015 award Royal Academy of Art, The Hague 

Upcoming: PADA studios, Barreiro/Lisbon ‘23

WUK/Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna ‘15 -’16

Anne Kranenborg’s playground explores the entanglement of the art and design field. Multi-disciplinary works position themselves within that common ground to discover sculptural possibilities of raw matter in everyday objects constructing our environment. She uses both the private and urban arena as “coulisse” to unfold and states of the mind.

‘My practice revolves around staging materials as a fundamental language to explore circumstances, power relations and the formation of spatial knowledge. By varying in scale such as installations, objects and two dimensional work; enables me to elaborate different positions on how a negotiation with a human presence is initiated. We experience matter as something we are able to hold. Although our own body is the first matter we “Be” and are always carrying. This means, there is always some conversation going on about an arena versus matter – physical matter to tangible matter is, among other things, a means of shaping the mental construction of space which influences the sense of environment.’

You could suggest that her investigative approach and resulting expressions, perform as tangible methaphors. They become tools to understand larger scale phenomena; and aim to form an archive of humanity.

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