Anne Kranenborg’s playground explores the full extent of the intertwined art and design field. Multi-disciplary works are questioning our direct environment and instinctive reactions to the abstract domain of comfort and tension.

Working in this variation in scales translates the sensory negotiation of entering the sphere of her work in a more or sometimes less profound way. Large-scale interventions invite you to play with the idea of 'void' as the most elusive form of matter. Whereas smaller sculptural objects respond to the feeling of caressing.

‘My practice revolves around staging materials as a fundamental language to explore the role of “the object” in the construction of circumstances, power relations and the formation of the sense of place. By varying in scale such as installations, objects and two dimensional work; enables me to elaborate different positions on how a negotiation with a person is taking shape. We experience matter as something we are able to hold. Although our own body is the first matter we “Be” and always are integrating.” 

––– The reference to language is (besides being an obvious human created structure imbued with meaning) multi-faceted. It posesses the ability to play with surface and depth structures which determine the length and duration in which a person is given room to look for his position and perspective. My choises of material can be considered as tangible metaphors that confute their form (and reference) in the pleasure of interacting –––

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Broedplaats de DCR
de Constant Rebecqueplein 20b
2518 RA The Hague (The Netherlands)

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, NL
Furniture Design – graduated in ‘15

︎ Research & Experiment stipendium by the government of The Hague ‘23

︎ PRO Research, by Stroom The Hague ‘23

︎ Research & Experiment stipendium by the government of The Hague ‘22

︎ Mondriaan Fonds – Emerging Artist ‘20/’21

︎ SPOT Documentation stipendium, by Stroom, The Hague in collaboration with Sepus Noordmans ‘20

︎ Honourable Mention of the Stroom Encouragement Award ‘15

︎ Paul Schuitema Award ‘15

︎Nominated for the Department Award of Architecture & Furniture Design class of 2015, Royal Academy of Art

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