This photographic research shows Kranenborg’s interpretation of the relationships of man to the city, infrastructure and urban plan. A number of images redefine by abstracting the city itself on the basis of its the structure and profile; a profile which, on all structural levels, is based on repetition, mirroring and symmetry.

''A hundred years ago to be modern meant to chase 'the final state of perfection' -- now it means an infinity of improvement, with no final state in sight and none desired.''
Liquid Modernity – by Zygmund Bauman

Investigating Vienna resulted in three parallel researches; a photographic and material representation of place and a conjunctive theoretical reflection on the state of the city. All three investigations document a present-day Vienna and question its fixes, fluxes and future. All What has shifted and what will stay fixed?
More can be found in the publication Candy City

Vienna – a city of traditions and a moving forward is in some sense a conflict with its history,
all speculation and no evidence

a decor in which narratives could evolve and specualation shape their apperance.

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