When does architecture become a static thing and in what ways we adjust to or adjust it?
The raw unpretentious honesty of the concrete apartment, asked for a site-specific gesture. I chose to create domestic sculptures by using a material with memory and the characteristic to reset itself within a rigid structures.
By designing flexi­ble interventions that obstruct chosen thre­sholds and corridors, our daily routines and interactions are altered. Underlying structures become a visible dialogue and invite the viewer to actively perceive.

Being always, at any stage and at all times, post- something is also an undetachable feature of modernity. To ‘be modern’ means to modernise – compulsively, obsessively; not so much just to be, but forever becoming, avoiding completion, staying under-defined.

What was some time ago dubbed, post-modernity, is the growing conviction that change is the only permanence, and uncertainty the only certainty.

A hundred years ago to be modern meant to chase ‘the final state of perfection’ -- now it means an infinity of improvement, with no final state in sight and none desired.
– Liquid Modernity by Zygmunt Bauman –

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