Catalyst | Flux derived from a research into the different forms of the phenomenon symbiosis (a biological interaction between two different parties ‘‘the living together of unlike organisms”). The project started as a material research, which would represent and visualise the differences between the three forms. Each kind, Mutualism, Commensalism and parasitism, variate in conjunction and intention in which they approach and benefit from each other. The cinematic research, explores the variation in conjunction on a bodily scale. They question the way we interact with objects, others and the space around us.

By abstracting the body into a shape, all the biased ways in which we are used to approach or deal with a surrounding, others or objects are no longer relevant and applicable.
The role as catalyst is important, because the project is always in a state of flux; amorphous,continuous variable and anticipating on adventitious encounters.

Through human intervention underlying structures become a tangible bodily dialogue. 

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