Signifying Practices While Watching

The Grey Space in The Middle

Fragmentures Carpet was also part of  Live Factory - Make My Day of the Royal Academy of Art during Salone del Mobile 2013. Some publications can be found here

Picnic At Hanging Rock
1975 | by Peter Weir

The Seventh Seal
1957 | by Ingmar Bergman

2018 – Signifying Practices While Watching was made during a two-evening film screening, in The Grey Space in The Middle. The intervention examines a collective framework in relation to individual interpretation in a "cinema" setting. It is a script in material which generates a moment in which the experience of an environment emphasises visual content. Both films narrate the consequences of the imposition of a way of living and the mysterious and occult side of nature.
The spatial scenario inflicts two layers. One floating perforated surface with individual viewing holes, the other rooted on the floor. The plaster floor surface makes every movement traceable with crunchy sounds. As a result, it not only audibly emphasises the collective, but mainly plays with its own finitude.

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