Mentally Physical


When attitudes become a chair

Some state that the idea trash is merely matter out of place. Generally, at the point of dislocation, stuff usually consists out of leftovers or remainders - unwanted material or waste - from an activity or process. So attempts to define trash lead back to systems of hierarchies of value which are time and place specific.

(...This is about content and meanings attributed to materials, and about their power to mutate - their plasticity. Mutability is both characteristic and the subject matter of these objects; more importantly, it is the active agent in this art of becoming...)

[Trash Flows and Formless Blobs]
Alumni Event | Lecture and Intervention | Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

The production and introduction of all kinds of new commodities from the early nineteenth century onwards brought an end to the entrenched perception of the material world. Every substance became a raw material, and people even began to optimise available materials and invent synthetic ones only in order to produce new things. This is the moment when materiality becomes an event and obtains its own conceptuality.

In collaboration with Majda Vidakovic and Fabian Bredt

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